After disbanding “OLD JOE” which was formed by the guitarist TETSU SANADA and YONCE(Suchmos), TETSU was looking for a way to put his ideas into practice and form a band that suits his artistic criteria. In Aug. 2015, TETSU finally met AKIKO KURODA(Vo. & Key) who goes to the same college with TETSU and TSUTOMU MURAYAMA(B), and formed a new band, RAMMELLS.
In 2016, GEN HIKOSAKA(Drums) joins the band and they started to perform passionately around TOKYO and YOKOHAMA.
AKIKO’s addictive vocal lines lead us through a very unique world of RAMMELLS with well crafted lyrics. With RAMMELLS, you can definitely experience the Alternative Sounds of the Japanese New Generation which is influenced by a wide variety genre of music such as ROCK, JAZZ, FUNK, SOUL and Shoegazer(!)
On Oct. 19th 2016, they’ve released their debut album “natural high”.